Escaping the Monthly Service FeeConcerned about the monthly service fee?

Here’s how you can avoid it:

Gold Business Checking: The $20 maintenance fee is waived if you enroll in U.S. Bank Payment Solutions Merchant Banking, maintain a $10,000 average collected balance, have $20,000 in combined average collected business deposit balances across accounts, or maintain $50,000 in average combined collected business deposits and outstanding credit balances.

Platinum Business Checking: The $30 maintenance fee is waived if you have a $25,000 average collected balance or $75,000 in average collected business deposits and outstanding credit balances during the month.

Are These U.S. Bank Bonuses a Good Deal?

The U.S. Bank promotions currently available are highly competitive when compared to those offered by many large national banks. However, it’s essential to consider whether U.S. Bank aligns with your needs, as it operates in only about half of the states. If U.S. Bank’s ATM network doesn’t suit your needs, explore checking accounts that offer fee reimbursements for out-of-network ATM usage.

What Else Should You Know About U.S. Bank Checking Promotions?

Welcome Offers for New Customers

Please note that these welcome offers are exclusively for new customers. If you’ve had a U.S. Bank checking account or previously received a U.S. Bank sign-up bonus, you may not be eligible for these offers.

You’re not eligible for a personal checking account bonus if you’ve held a U.S. Bank consumer checking account within the last two years or took advantage of any other U.S. Bank bonus offer during that time.

Similarly, you are not eligible for a business checking account bonus if you or any signer on the business checking account has held a U.S. Bank business checking account within the last 24 months.

Tax Considerations

Keep in mind that your bonus may be taxable. U.S. Bank will report your bonus to the IRS on a form 1099-INT. The promotional cash is considered interest income for tax purposes, and you’ll be responsible for any taxes owed.

The Bottom Line

A U.S. Bank account bonus offer can be a compelling incentive to switch banks or open a new account. The current U.S. Bank sign-up bonuses are exceptionally competitive when compared to offers from other traditional banks. Don’t miss out on the chance to maximize your savings with these exclusive promotions.

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